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Application Support and Maintenance is our core business We pride ourselves in being very responsive in customer service and strong on quality.

We can offer different cost effective plans for your outsourced customer support needs. While cost is primary, our goal is to consult with you to ensure that you get the plan best suited to the nature of your product. Often, we are in a position to use our experience to advise what we believe will be the best combination between email, live chat, phone support for your customer support needs.

The beauty of all our plans is that you can scale up or down based on your needs and none of our contracts are longer than a month. This allows you to reassess your support needs at the end of each month and adapt the size of your support teams accordingly. Some of our more popular plans are -

Dedicated Personnel

Under this plan you get a dedicated person or a team of dedicated agents manning your helpdesks, Live Chat and Phone Lines. When time permits, these teams of individuals also help in making Knowledge Bases, FAQ's and Case Studies for your customer support library.

This is a good plan with a company which has already got a foothold in the industry in which it is selling its product. Also, this is a good plan for companies that have unique products that require a lot of training and specialization for the support agents.

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Shared Dedicated Personnel

This is much the same as the Dedicated Plan, the only difference being that the personnel are shared between 2 projects/ companies at a time. This is good for companies just starting off but expecting the product adoption to happen fast.

This is also a good plan for those who have support needs which are not very heavy but are spread across different time zones.

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Custom Plan

We can also do custom plans for you where you have dedicated personnel managing the peak hours of your support needs and then shared teams for the other 16 or 8 hours.

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